Un/glücklich Allein
Release / 2018-07-06
Un/glücklich Allein
Un/glücklich Allein
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With our first EP "Un/glücklich Allein", we also launch this neat, little website, to feed you with additonal informations...


KNRD - Un/glücklich allein / 2018 / Written & Produced by KNRD

Un/glücklich Allein
Un/glücklich Allein Lyrics 04:13
Alle deine Zähne Lyrics 04:40
Mir geht es gut Lyrics 02:51
Fernweh (Intrumental) 02:42
Dein Licht Lyrics 04:11
Zweckoptimiert Lyrics 03:44

About KNRD

About KNRD

To begin with, 2017 was not quite a glorious year. Not only Trump got inaugurated, but also populists are entering several parlaments on the other side of the pond. But nevertheless, this is supposed to be a story about an artist and not a review of the past year, right?

Let’s step back in a few years. The german metal/hardcore outfit "Blutgericht" was formed in Mannheim in 2009. As a matter of fact, the early years were fat years for the band. They played shows full of enthusiasm on bigger and smaller stages throughout Germany, also earned few endorsements by several musical instruments manufacturers as well as some labels showed their interest to the band. But these days came to an end with the exit of an important bandmate in 2014 and everything they were toiling for lays in ruins.

What is more, our protagonist Konrad had also personal throw-back and was fed up with music. After a while, the band starts to rehearse again. Sometime after that Marc joins in with the drums. The two of them becoming friends and start making music aside from the band. This gives Konrad a boost and he proceeds with writing music again, but still feeling discontented. Meanwhile, the first songs were composed in 2017 and he decides to demonstrate them to Marc. His opinion was as follows: “Songs are cool, but the drums suck”. From here on Marc joins the studio session. Konrad loves the result so much that he’s eventually finishes the songs. KNRD is born!

In conclusion to this introduction let’s highlight the KNRD EP release which is upcoming on the 6th of July 2018 under the name of “Un/glücklich Allein”. Hooah!